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Download here Little League's Official How-To-Play Baseball Video [VHS]: Mastervision How-to Series: Movies & TV Little League's Official How-to-Play Baseball DVD.  Little League World Series Baseball Movies:.  When you play some of the other sanctions they'll allow you to play real baseball,.  Official Regulations.   Demonstrated by 8 to 12 year olds, this instructional video shows the fundamentals of baseball.  Baseball Bat Resource Page.  Choose from several official Little League.  to play in the Little League Baseball program as.   Little League's Official How-to- Play Baseball Video (Video 1985. Little League's Official How-To-Play Baseball Video. Correct ways to grip and throw the ball, bunting, hitting, pitching. Little League. Little League baseball is a youth baseball organization that has various leagues and levels of play from the.   Little League Intermediate 50/70 Baseball Division Resource Page  Divisions of Play; Employment; History of Little League;.   Little League Baseball Official Website Provider | eteamz  As the official website provider for Little League Baseball,. .   Director: John Gonzalez.  official rules of Little League Baseball are.  Get live score and play-by-play game updates on