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John Agar plays Dr.   The Mole People - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers. the mole people dvd - Movies & TV  The Classic Sci-fi Ultimate Collection (Tarantula / The Mole People / The Incredible Shrinking Man / The Monolith Monsters / Monster on the Campus) ~ John Agar, Grant. It is the first theatrical feature film based.   The Bureau and the Mole: The Unmasking of Robert Philip Hanssen, the Most Dangerous Double Agent in FBI History.   Review: The Mole People holds the dubious distinction of being the weakest of the Universal-International horror films.  Happy Tree Friends - The Mole Movie (Trailer) - YouTube  Although sadly this would never happen (But it'd be very funny) I decided to make this. Actors: Borys Szyc: Pawel Kowal · Marian Dziedziel: Zygmunt Kowal · Magdalena Czerwinska: Ewa Kowal · Wojciech Pszoniak: Stefan. Starring Joe, Danny, and Dominic  The Mole People | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  Three archeologists accidentally discover an underground civilization where survivalists enslave tortured Mutant Mole Men and sacrifice beautiful women to enforce.  2.0 out of 5 stars Go see the movie.   The Mole Movie - YouTube  An extra-credit movie for mole day for chem.   The Mole (TV Series 2001– ) - IMDb  Anderson Cooper: Himself - Host · Heather Campbell: Surviving Player · Dorothy Hui: Surviving Player · Bill McDaniel: Surviving Player · Al Spielman: Surviving. Vogel.  The Bureau and the Mole: The Unmasking of Robert Philip Hanssen. It is a trailer for a made up movie called The Mole movie about the.   Superman and the Mole Men - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Superman and the Mole Men is a 1951 superhero film starring George Reeves as Superman and Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane.   The Mole (2011) - IMDb  Director: Rafael Lewandowski. Frank Baxter, an English professor at the University of Southern