I learned something very monumental tonight for myself .. and that is One can't  run from ones DESTINY!! It will meeet you .. !  ... if we live and give to souls  to please God or the Higher Power or Vibration .. whatever one calls it ..  and give to that Higher Power .. we are riding on the Chariot with Him or the formless Energy .. to our Destiny and all He wants for us BEYOND what we can see... He is mighty like that !  .. or... we can get dragged by the Chariot to our Destiny .. which to me is a bit painful ... guess I have been therrre .. why get draggged there !!!!  hey .. I'm not fighting it .. Let the good times roll.. I like the Chariot Ride!!!  Comfy Love .. Now to my DESTINY  xoxo I SEE WHEN I BELIEVE .. all the Signs are there ~~~~