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I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)

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2075 days ago


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katewarren 1992 days ago

Ah, reminds me of G. Gordon Liddy and the boys.

GayleCartwright 1993 days ago

I bet u paid a pretty penny for that.

nothinbettah2do 2008 days ago

Oooh, very historical!!

goldmikki 2009 days ago

:) you're my hero!

weblizard 2065 days ago

'kin A! How did you score this? Real burglars?

OK_Crude 2065 days ago

Did you have to rent a room to get it?

AckerNo2 2066 days ago

HAHA thats classic!!

DanielLarsh 2070 days ago

LMFAO!! YOU ACTUALLY GOT THEM!!?!?!? Hahah! Too funny!!!!!!

debtobias 2070 days ago

Photo title: Smoke Over Feasibility of Healthcare

bonsai_babe01 2070 days ago

This is AWESOME! What are you going to do with it?

kmwakak8 2071 days ago

Tres amusant!

CranialVault 2073 days ago

Assuming you don't smoke, I have to wonder what you'll use it for...
Got it! Wasabi-dipping dish!

TwstdFishy 2074 days ago

Gasp! You got it! So, do you have a particular ashtray fetish, or just retro memorabilia? I have a little demitasse coffee cup I stole from Caesar's Palace a few years back. ;-)

gitzmax 2074 days ago

Hopefully we'll be bidding for memorabilia from C street soon.

galaxyboys 2074 days ago

I see eBay bids for charity in your future.......Just shows you the power R.M. has with America.

Tommari 2074 days ago

Oh, Rachel. You should have bid for the toilet sits. After all, we want the memory of the Nixon administration flushed down the drain, not raised from the ashes...

sarahcoletter 2074 days ago

i LOVE the HMO paperwork under it! subtle! now all you need is a reel-to-reel in the drawer and you have yourself a museum installation!

gasshoneptune 2074 days ago

Watergate...brings back memories of Tricky Dick and just how moral the Republican party really aspires..i.e. do whatever to get whatever..and placed over Healthcare...how appropriate since it was Nixon who approved HMO's...

KevinFTweedy 2074 days ago

Step away from those ciggies, Rachel!

maddywash 2074 days ago

Great little dish to hold your M&M's. NIX the cigs, and pardon the pun.
Love ya Rachel