#stopanimalabuse in #Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina
So horrible!! Look what these bastards do
 to this poor dog...:'(
This weekend Jelena was telephoned late at night about gunshots and a dog squealing in an area of Sarajevo. She immediately went to investigate what was happening – with Milena Malesevic in Adnan Smailbegovic, two animal activist volunteers. But they could find nothing.

However this is what was found later:

The dog had two gunshot wounds and a torn anus. I’m sorry to show these photographs and I am weeping as I write this but it is the reality of dog abuse in Bosnia.

The dog was a stray known to locals but apparently was taken to an area outside of the dog’s territory to be tortured and then killed. I have had no word of any action taken by the police. Dog shooting is commonplace in the country, in fact men are hired to kill dogs. It is very unlikely anything will be done to find out who did this appalling thing to this poor dog.

Update: apparently police have said posters will be put up about this dog to find out more. But as those who took the photographs told me: “in Bosnia, the police do not care for the dogs, too, daily is found dead, shot dogs.“

These stories are only a few of hundreds. Every day animal welfare activists in Bosnia find abandoned, abused, ill, starving stray dogs. The government is doing nothing. The animal welfare activists rely totally on donations to pay for food, housing and medical fees.