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Rock Scar Cape and Weapon :D

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1096 days ago

Rock Scar Cape and Weapon :D


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xKrisSamaCx 1086 days ago

sexy set but i can't get it LOL

XxXSk8erXxX_AQW 1089 days ago

I want that blade for the back. It's epic looking. Ballin!

SubmorArts 1089 days ago

Epic Hair

Kenji_PR 1089 days ago

is the hair mem?

Durzo_BlintAE 1090 days ago

that cape and wep is awesome and the hair especially.

Bloodsiphon 1092 days ago

Amazing just fcn down right amazing

temoc5 1093 days ago

do NOT reduce the size of the cape, its PERFECT and i'll be not as happy when i buy it o.o

Dan_X_Doa 1093 days ago

Frostval is coming.Gimme my present pl0x http://www.twitpic.com/bi51bu lul

temoc5 1094 days ago


dude5331 1094 days ago

don't mess with it its perfect this way

OptimusSuperior 1095 days ago

Massive weapon and name reminds me of Black Rock Shooter XD

Arwenos 1095 days ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... you fucking ruined it.

AssasainationAE 1095 days ago

Will the sword be held down like that? because if it is, it would be awesome!

MegaManAQ 1095 days ago

one word......... EPIC!!!!!!!

Rezaj_Imba 1095 days ago

I hope this is legion related so it will be on the SoTL Shop! hehe JK XD

UkoAkalasas 1095 days ago


Icecold1994_Aqw 1095 days ago

Treasure chests?

BoyoyoIsXanlee 1095 days ago

btw keep the cape size its fine tht way

JoeTheEviL 1096 days ago

getting the weapon,the hair and the cape

Zinrio666 1096 days ago

Totally Awesome :))