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The WinterAssassin has been done :3. Enjoy guys!

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1468 days ago

The WinterAssassin has been done :3. Enjoy guys!


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HeadCrusherAE 1443 days ago

I would totally buy this, if the face would look normal, and the skin would be normal too. Love the armor itself!

AbaddonGraysoul 1464 days ago

I like this design a lot. Nice job. (:

Zinrio666 1466 days ago

Hey This Looks Like Death From Darksiders 2.

mieteor 1467 days ago

Looks awesome Vokun. Really like your ice shading and the face design. The detail in the cloth is also brilliant.

CaptainCio 1467 days ago

I missed it indeed. And I love eeet. Well done Boosty. Now go go go for a girly smexy version of it :D

SimplySlusher 1468 days ago

Wow... I love it!! It's as if Pyromancer met a glacier. Glaciermancer! haha

Paul_Apollo 1468 days ago

I like the armor. Plus, I love the shading you used. Reminds me of how Dage does his shading.

Art_DS_Raja 1468 days ago

ur shading here is actually VERY good! Almost dage standard :D Make the left eye (right from our view) a tad smaller

ronaldellis1 1468 days ago

this is definitely my favorite work by you yet and thanx for reply vokun :)i cant wit to get this!

Schillehh 1468 days ago

I dont think a frozen brain will work as well as a fresh one, lol.

DrynaAE 1468 days ago

I really liked the style that got the armor. Great job. =)

SamLikesOmnoms 1468 days ago

Awesome ^_^

Vokun_AE 1468 days ago

Im not sure anyway about the name :P.

TheUnknownNorth 1468 days ago

so... When will this be In-Game?

LevitasAE 1468 days ago

Looks great. But i dont feel the ''Assassin''feeling :P Looks more like a Skull head- with normale body :P

Vokun_AE 1468 days ago

Whoops thanks Ronald, got it fixed!

ronaldellis1 1468 days ago

i can still see the back cloak of the holiday caster base you used :/ will that turn up ingame?