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Best. Tweetup. Ever.

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2498 days ago

Best. Tweetup. Ever.


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flashdart 2230 days ago

great picture!

Badthorn 2402 days ago

I will die one day. At least now I know I will die happy.

Lissie_A 2459 days ago

This is epic and i'm super bummed that i missed out on Comic Con this year

kazzmedia 2486 days ago

great pic too bad it was shot with a BB

Curtis91 2486 days ago

They must've been honored.

koekepeertje 2487 days ago

Wow,Will I envy you...

V2Blast 2487 days ago

This picture is made of win.

dcpes 2488 days ago

OMG, thats amazing... so jealous.

ChileanNick 2496 days ago


Famini 2496 days ago

No kidding! tweeted: "Felicia apparently always dresses like that. As do I." LOL! You all improve my day.

DanzNewz 2496 days ago

Sooooo... Will Weaton went as Wesley Crusher? :P

jitneymike 2496 days ago

I'd take you out looking like that. I would date your avatar, yes

MarkSobba 2497 days ago

As a fan of the guild, Amanda F- Palmer, and Neil Gaiman this is an awesome photo!

slstickney 2497 days ago

Oh. My. God.
I need to change my pants. Too awesome.

steventonthat 2497 days ago

that is awesome!

ErinMDean 2497 days ago

Twitter has made me want to go to Comicon thanks to pictures like this. Awesome.

RGoodfel 2497 days ago

Must not let head explode...

color 2497 days ago

Felica always makes me smile.

Vinity2 2497 days ago

Pic = Win! My fandoms collide. Yes, Neil, Felicia dresses like that every day.