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Andrew Tombes
Robert Armstrong
Addison Richards
David Bruce
Turhan Bey
Milburn Stone
Evelyn Ankers
Rose Hobart
George Zucco

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  Mad Ghoul -  Great and famous quotes from the Mad Ghoul movie on  Mad Ghoul, The (Dir.   Buy Mad Ghoul, The DVD for $3.95 from TwistedAnger. It was also known as Mystery of the Ghoul. Mad Ghoul [VHS]: David Bruce, Evelyn Ankers, George. The Mad Ghoul: Turhan Bey, Evelyn Ankers, David Bruce.   Cult Movie Vault #18: The Mad Ghoul (1943) Features - Total Sci-Fi  The Lowdown. Released on the bottom of a B-movie double bill, The Mad Ghoul is an overlooked, efficient (at just 65 minutes) flick that features a rather unusually. Morris (Zucco) is. Jekyll and Mr.   When Dr.   The Mad Ghoul (1943) - IMDb  Director: James P.   The Mad Ghoul Reviews & Ratings - IMDb  Review: Underappreciated Universal Fare - Of all the Universal stars and stock character actors, the one that seems to get lost in the shuffle the most... Dr. Morris experiments with a poisonous gas first used by the ancient Mayans in their sacrificial rites, he discovers that it produces a "death in life" state in. Alfred Morris · Robert Armstrong: Ken McClure