Amazing and perfect editorial: 'Toying with the Idea' for @ChasseurMag by @CarolineMackint styled @MavusoMabuso - Keeping your vision and impeccable technique, Caroline Mackintosh, Cape-town based photographer,  loose their lenses with model James Raffey, styled by Mavuso Mbutuma. MUA: Cindy Harton - Candice Jezek Layout / Caroline Mackintosh. For this issue: Chasseur: UNDERDOG pays tribute to the mysteriously seductive, roughly beautiful, careless and impulsive bad boys of our generation.  From ‘Rockstar’ Charlie, a young model who has taken over the sordid world of underground boxing to the charming Boys by Girls and the rugged masculine figures of Sons of Heroes, the new issue tells stories that explain the perplexed mechanisms behind the bad boy persona.