#HONORING   ALL   #FIRSTRESPONDERS   We all go through time in our lives when we know we put our lives in risk to save the life's of other's in put our own at risk .
But those are the time when we do our jobs protecting those who need us in their time of need .
Their are other parts of being brae as we go through our life's . Different situations that put our life's at risk as we do what is right upon calling upon the Lord . Wither it is putting our life's again in danger to do what we have to do survive in the most dangerous situations .Such as being out side being day after day and week after week in the elements as we try to find what and who we need to to get the job done .
I commend those who go out on a regular basis to do this and have to disappear even from their family's fro long periods of time. Thank you for all that you do during those times of the storm that you go through to get the job done and you do it well . May Saint Micheal be with you always as you serve to protect the streets of the city doing what you love to do the best . When your strength is almost gone because you seem not to be able to pick your feet up . Keep up on going . Fight the good fight to get the evil and crime off the streets.