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A second-tier comic book character at best, Swamp Thing has nonetheless spawned a number of spinoffs. Swamp Thing: the Series Vol.  Swamp Thing: Vol. 2 : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video  Swamp Thing The Series: Volume Two: Swamp Thing is a sincere cult item.  Swamp Thing - The Series Volume 2 Two (DVD, 2008, 4-Disc Set) - NEW!!. 6 "Children Of The Fool"  Find Children Of The Fool starring David Jackson at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD, Blu-ray, and Amazon Instant Video.  Smith Deadite Press Deadworld ebook ebook reader Ex-Heroes fiction Frankenstein Graham Masterton Horror horror fiction horror movie. 2 #47 (May 1986) (Tefé Holland). Swamp Thing inspired two video games based on the 1991 animated series that same year.   The First Half of the Epic Third Season Finally Comes to DVD! The incredible adventures of the Swamp Thing continue with this 4-DVD set, containing the first 25.   DVD Verdict Review - Swamp Thing: The Series, Volume Two  Opening Statement. Swamp Thing (Volume 2) Publisher.   Swamp Thing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Swamp Thing Vol. Find more information here:   Swamp Thing Vol 2 - DC Comics Database  Back to Comics Contents : Comics S : Swamp Thing Vol 2.  Rediscovering Horror Fiction » Saga of the Swamp Thing, Volume 2.   Saga of the Swamp Thing, Volume 2. A creation of Len.   Swamp Thing Volume 2, Ep