He came to Belize as a cruise tourist. But John Webster, 19, from Tampa, Florida, departed #Belize a drug convict. Webster was busted on Wednesday afternoon with marijuana and a pipe used for smoking drugs as he was about to board a ferry back to his cruise ship in the Belize City Harbor.

Acting upon information, a tourism police officer conducted a search of Webster’s person and found 8 grams of Cannabis in his front pants pocket. In his other front pocket, the police found a bamboo pipe used for smoking drugs. When he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday morning, Webster pled guilty to the crime of possession of a drug pipe and controlled drugs. Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer fined Webster $1,600 which was paid and he was free to go. But Webster did not make it back to the Norwegian cruise ship “Dawn” in time to continue his journey to Mexico. He instead flew back to Florida. Before the fine was imposed, Webster said he was sorry and apologized for disgracing Belize....By Patrick Jones

And in response, I say: What about decriminalizing personal weed and getting rid of #Belize's "No Homosexuals" immigration law!?!? Its simple, if Belize is so worried about tourism dollars. 

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