NO #EU for #Serbia !! International attention needed!! 
No mercy for animals in Serbia

Serbian ongoing animal cruelties, crimes against stray dogs, cats and against people who respect animals.

A nation that tries so desperately to align itself with the EU, to live up to the standards of the rest of Europe and the civilized world, but fails so miserably in terms of animal welfare!

Ilegal dog fights where even the police makes bets, dogs strangled in trees, dogs decapitated or with their legs chopped off, dogs raped in front of children, dogs sterilized and put back on the street shortly after where they usually die, shelters filled with malnourished dogs surrounded by feces, dead bodies everywhere, puppies eating other animals - is Serbia really ready for the EU?

Please build up your mind - judge by yourselves!

I think I can tell you: Shame on you SERBIA!

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Hope they rot in hell!!

Everyday scenes...

The streets of Serbia are filled with abandoned dogs and cats. Brutal scenes of animal abuse are witnessed almost every day: stray dogs and cats are poisoned, burned, cut, slaughtered, shot, beaten by individuals who are not punished for their crimes against animals although since January 2006 the abuse and the killing are forbidden by Serbian Criminal Law, Article 269.

Stray dogs and cats are brutally abused and killed by citizens and zoo hygiene services. Local authorities across Serbia hire city communal firms to catch and kill stray animals.