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Read more.   Avengers, The - The '65 Collection: Set 1, Volume 2. The 1961 premier of The Avengers brought to the small British screen a rather routine police. The Avengers; Thor; Captain America: The First Avenger; X-Men: First Class;.   The Avengers | Netflix  The Avengers - Known for its slick sophistication and iconic characters,. Avengers #66 Avengers. Only $7.99 a month. Read more.  Movie synopsis .  a> storyline and continued in Volume 2 . Avengers '65 - Set 1, Vols.  Avengers #65 .  Avengers Vol 1 - Marvel Comics Database  Iron Man 2; Random Movie; TV. The Avengers '65, Vol.   A toast to A&E for releasing this two-volume set of vintage episodes from the fourth season of The Avengers