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Closed in the election campaign



"The SPD as of today the only party in Germany a coherent pension plan", SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel said after the conclusion of the second SPD party convention. The SPD candidate for chancellor in-law Peer Steinbrueck said that the SPD would fight the election campaign for a public benefit corporation, "We take values ​​ego values!"

Unanimously, with four abstentions, the SPD take her fight for the introduction of a Solidarrente and against poverty in old age now. The solution to the problem of rising poverty in old age will be addressed by the SPD now closed, Gabriel said in Berlin, Willy Brandt House - namely, where you begin with their fight in-work poverty. "The concept is exactly the Solidarrente the right", Gabriel took the result of the 2nd Party Convention together .

Decided the next Solidarrente of € 850 for many years and payer Einzahlerinnen the deduction-free after 45 years of retirement were. The SPD also wants to harmonize the East pensions gradually until 2020 at the Western level. In addition to the pension be suspended at 67 until half of older workers is employed social insurance. Moreover, the SPD wants to expand occupational pensions massively.

SPD is closed in the election campaign
"The SPD is as of today politically closed in all the key issues of the development of Germany and Europe in the general election," declared Gabriel - and added ". Unity can not command himself" That has now been adopted pension plan had not been decreed from above been, but discussed at length.

And this discussion has "done very well" the Social Democrats, is the party leader. "The deciding factor was the SPD to give the chance for debate." He had been sure from the beginning: "If the SPD, the SPD can be easy, then develops at the end of it something clever."

This one has made use of the rich experience of the party and used the everyday knowledge of the base. These people often know a lot more of retirement than those who are professionally engaged in a completely different life world - and yet they are often called to advance such projects or to judge.

Poverty in old age make obsolete
Gabriel emphasized the costs of proposals as a minimum pension of 850 euros for long Einzahlerinnen and depositors would be more expensive than the cynically called "life performance bond" of the Union, but certainly below the bandied sum of ten or eleven billion euros. He also pointed out that a serous calculate the exact cost is not currently possible.

After all, had the Solidarrente "two brakes installed," said Gabriel. Firstly, it was the demand function, on the other hand, the positive effect of a nationwide minimum wage introduced. In SPD pension plan, there is the one without the other. In other words: "The goal must be to do with labor market and economic policies to the Solidarrente superfluous."

Pension provided by this debate back on their feet
Also the designated SPD chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück praised the decision of the SPD pension concept: "It is a joy that the SPD has presented some very Successful." The SPD has not approximately submitted a counter-concept to another concept of the Union - Black Yellow had no concept so Steinbrück.

Gabriel and others had with the SPD approach the issue of retirement age poverty "put back on its feet," said the SPD's financial expert. This was "crucial". While the Union had initiated a debate about poverty in old age, go to the SPD, the problem for the working poor. This is the main difference.

Black-Yellow hawked wrong numbers
Steinbrück accused the coalition also claims to bring completely coated figures on alleged charges of SPD tax and pension plans in circulation: "Since the tax and pension policy Loch Ness monster let off the chain," said the former finance minister. All this is as false as the assertion of a blockade of the SPD in the Bundesrat, be it on the controversial German-Swiss tax treaty or the CO2 emissions from buildings.

Steinbrück: career positions represented confident
Overlooking the extraordinary federal party on 9 December Steinbrueck announced to want to represent the now fully adopted SPD position with confidence: He had "liberty of some difficult weeks in recent times excellent condition for the next ten months' till the elections.

We take values ​​ego values
Overlooking the election next year said Steinbrück: "The SPD is a clear strategy of differentiation from the CDU / CSU go. "It'll go in the next federal election about nothing but the question of which company image the Germans want to follow in the future . The SPD would pursue a "oriented to the common good" policy, Steinbrueck said: "We take values ​​ego values." This is also a necessary lesson from the financial crisis and its excesses.

East align pensions
A question of justice is for Gabriel and Steinbrueck also adopted approximation of pensions in East and West. Steinbrueck made clear: "With a different position, the SPD can not go in a parliamentary election. Gabriel added yet added his own personal point of view: "My daughter is' n Ossi", the party leader said of his daughter Marie, who recently came to the world in Magdeburg. "Do you want about it ever so growing up?"

Here is the press conference of Gabriel and Peer Steinbrueck as audio replay: