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From Mona Alexa

Constanta-2012- the municipal shelter and its abuses on animals & people

I saw public attention being turned on this puppy vet srl, from Constanta, the same ones that run the municipal shelter in Constanta, and as well, the same ones the major of Botosani hired, to take the strays from Botosani to be brought to Con
stanta. For what, many are asking themselves? For adoption obvious not.. but for being killed,butchered and burned. And people from Constanta-Romania,animal lovers and rescuers can agree with me here. There is something really suspicious happening in the municipal shelter. From the way this people run their business, catch dogs, deal with owners..till the way dogs disappear from the shelter,always in big numbers,always Friday...
If you have a dog that you care for and about, and he is being caught by the dog catchers, first you have a shock when you see their methods of catching the dogs. Animal is being chased,pulled,hit, brutalized..so he can get in the van of terror. If you still have voice to say something, to want ur dog back from the van.. you most likely find yourself abused and intimidated by those "professionals" that tell you to chill otherwise u wont ever see ur dog. And yes, have been many!! MANY cases of dogs being caught that never made it to the municipal shelter. Lost on the way,so they say..missing dog. If you dare to ask where,how..again, u are being intimidated to stop asking or they will take care of you and ur family. They are not the people u need to mess with.
Some of the dog catchers..seem to have a "soul".. money better to say is their soul. They are coming monthly in certain neighborhoods, and collect money from those people,living there,so they will leave the dogs in peace..till next month,when they come to collect the tax of freedom for that dog.
You get dressed in despair and fast,to hurry to make it to the municipal shelter to save the dog,that lived all his life eating everyone's food and protecting the block against stealing gypsies. You make it to the shelter gate..where you wait. You are allowed ,just between 12-16,when the vet is there. and you wait. for the gate to open, for the horror van to appear. and when it finally arrives.. you get shooting images in front of ur eyes, ur soul breaks. A very dirty van opens its gates,with many dogs on top of each other,scared, that the "professional" gypsies are pulling them out and throwing them in paddocks. It doesn't matter if one twisted his leg,neck,if the animals cream.. no1 is there for them. they are just things unwanted and treated alike. You se all this. ur soul cries. But you got to be strong. Strong for the animals. You start looking for ur dog. paddocks of pain, this is all u see, eyes with hope,eyes without hope..turned to you. animals scared,hungry,sitting in their own shit,skinny,puppies,adults etc. The emotional and human view is getting too much. You ask where is ur dog,supposed to be there. they got him in that day. They ask you to look around. he is not. but he was in the van. you saw with ur own eyes. He got lost. if ur lucky u get this explanation. If not, u re just left to guess..and maybe pick another lucky soul you will get out of that hell.
But what if is Friday? The black Friday, that all the animal lovers are so scared of? when the shelter, gets cleaned.. the paddocks,filled with dogs till that day, get empty. fresh cleaned for a new week of dogs. Where do those dogs go?where did they disappear? People see Monday or Tuesday or Thursday lots and lots of dogs..but Friday,after the schedule ,the paddocks get empty. Years back people saw the "professional" gypsies carrying robes filled with dead bodies of dogs. Now, people that dare to spy, see them filling the van with big back bags.big plastic bags. the bodies of the dogs are being taken away, so no proof will exist. they have their own incinerator,specially made for this. How can anyone stop them? They belong to the local mafia,the ones that rule over everything in the city, nothing gets build without their approvals and their long fingers are stocked in founds.
I saw organisations, quite big, that are trying for years and years to make justice on whats happening in Constanta, at the municipal shelter,but their fight is not even closer to end,the dogs are same killed as before... I saw animal lovers being life threaten so they will be stopped not to make public what they saw in the shelter. I saw people heartbroken with their dog killed in less then 1 h after being caught by the dogs catchers.I saw people begging to be allowed at least to feed the dogs,offer them a bit of medicine to help them..but NO, no1 is allowed to feed or help the strays there. I saw people going to the city hall asking for a partnership with the city hall,to run the shelter,to become active in adoption system and promoting and educating. They were kicked out and called insane.I saw so many bad, evil things in Constanta,that my heart is still crying and probably my mind wont ever go over the trauma. I am sure there are many from Constanta,that have lived same experiences,been intimidated and their loved dogs killed brutally and with hate,that are afraid to come out and say it. Please,if u have experienced such things comment on this post. Let ur experience to be knowed! things have to change but they have to get out,as it is now, so the damn killers will be stopped!!!
I am not living in Romania anymore, but have been and what happened there ,i realized I can not let go or forget..for the simple reason. There are others now ,suffering,having their minds and soul crashed with this animal abuse. More then ever now,more and more dogs suffer and are being butchered. This has to stop. We all have to stop it.
This were my thoughts and part of my experiences with the dog catchers & municipal shelter from Constanta. I am blessed with the company of a wonderful stray,saved from the streets of Constanta..but how many dogs have this luck from there?maybe 1%... for all the rest,there is a small hope. The rescuers. The true ones. The ones that lose themselves to rescue the dogs. But even them,are just a very very small number of humans that have their limits of what they can do. Survive and rescue when they can and are able. I have some names,close to my heart- Andrada Serban & Florentina Raiciu , I will always admire their work and self dedication to help the ones that need them but I do not envy them for living in that hell. This people are the ones that need all the help they can get, to continue rescuing,to feed and be able to shelter more dogs. This people put aside their personal life,live their own dramas on personal levels,but either one of this will make them stop to rescue and fight animal abuse in Constanta-Romania.

Thank you, Mona Alexa for writing your experiences and sharing with the rest of the world.......

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