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Details are few at this stage, but Scott Gimple, best known for producing and writing. You guys remember good 'ole.   Ordinary People Comments and Reviews for Prosthesis. The piece is adhered with spirit gum or latex. The plot is unknown at this time.  3:05 Silicone Foot Prosthesis by EmergeProstheticArts 38,764 views;  Prosthesis (2014) - IMDb  Directed by Arvind Palep. Search .   Unreality - Memorable Prosthetics in Movies |  As we rummage to find more ridiculous topics for this site, I had a great one presented to me the other day in a car ride. Using a Below Knee Prosthesis Video DVD.   Prosthesis | Movies With Butter  The story is under wraps but after seeing a 10-min demo by Arvind Palep, Universal is impressed enough to develop it into a feature.  10:01 Prosthetic Innovations by TheRavensWing 3,262 views; 4:04 My Top 10 Movies by KyGuy386 13,850 views;  Using a Below Knee Prosthesis Video DVD - YouTube  Browse | Movies | Upload.  Roger Ebert Returns as Movie Critic With Prosthetic Chin on New.   Renowned movie critic Roger Ebert returned to the small screen to talk about the big screen over the weekend in the new show "Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies.  Prosthetics in fiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Prosthetics, the artificial replacement of organic limbs or organs, often play a role in fiction, particularly science fiction, as either plot points or to give a.   Movie Prosthetics  Foam latex prosthetics are made of a soft spongy latex material that closely imitates the look and feel of skin.   Universal Plans Sci-Fi Project Prosthesis -  Universal has set up a new sci-fi project titled Prosthesis, Variety reports