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With two movies, video games, and an animated. Swamp Thing inspired two video games based on the 1991 animated series that same year. 1-2 - DVD Trailer - YouTube  DVD trailer for Swamp Thing: Volumes 1 and 2. 2: Dick Durock, Mark.  Video games. .  (Volume 4) • Swamp Thing: Roots • Swamp Thing (Volume 5) Other Media: Swamp Thing (Movie. Find more information here:   Amazon.com: Swamp Thing: The Series, Volume Three: Movies & TV  When Dr.   Swamp Thing: The Series - Volume Two DVD @ DVD Empire  Swamp Thing: The Series - Volume Two / DVD-Video:. A second-tier comic book character at best, Swamp Thing has nonetheless spawned a number of spinoffs. Alec Holland is left for dead, the victim of deadly sabotage, he is transformed by the swamp and the very chemicals meant to kill him into a creature now. 2 #47 (May 1986) (Tefé Holland). A creation of Len.   Swamp Thing: the Series Vol.  Swamp Thing (Movie) • Swamp Thing (1990 TV Series)