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After the parliamentary elections | 30.10.2012



Democratic forces in Ukraine to strengthen!

Local and international election observers and election observers, including the Green Party MPs Viola von Cramon, agree: The Ukrainian parliamentary elections of 28 October was a setback for the development of democratic institutions in the country. Only by considerable manipulation and repression in pre-election it's political leaders to President Yanukovych, to secure the retention of power. But was also clearly the unbroken will in large parts of the population according to political and social change. More support for civil society and European forces in Ukraine, therefore, remains for us Greens the order of the day.

It is often said that Ukraine is a divided country: the east pro-Russian, pro-European west. But on election day showed that the border is very different. Namely between those who adhere to the goal of a democratic Ukraine, and those who rebuilt the country becoming an autocratic state. So the vote was largely peaceful and without incident. In many places, election workers and election officials were eager to provide correct operation. Observed a dedicated civilian and documented throughout the country the voting process. Despite manipulations cut the democratic opposition comparatively well. All these are clear signs that the dream of a democratic and pluralistic Ukraine has not faded away.

But on the other hand, the Yanukovych administration had arranged long before the elections that the chances were low on a change of power. Leading representatives of the opposition are in jail. We have also criticized the fictitious processes and the outrageous conditions of detention and repeatedly lobbied for the release of Yulia Tymoshenko, Yuriy Lutsenko and other members of the former government. However, instead of yielding to international criticism, the ruling party went further: they put state resources in to their advantage and made it difficult voices of opposition access to the media. The Ukrainian election commissions were occupied predominantly by people close to the government. For us, therefore, is clear: Free and fair elections are different.

In such a situation, Europe can the Ukrainians not out in the cold. We will therefore continue for a dedicated and targeted dialogue with Ukraine. This applies particularly to progress finally with the visa liberalization. More interaction with the democratic societies of Europe the way, civil society and democracy in Ukraine is on a sustainable basis. This should not only be in the interests of Ukraine, but also the European Union.