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Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent; Exec Prod/Writer of TNT's medical drama Monday Mornings

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voxjaen 949 days ago

The cost for each people is 2.70€ and cost every year 170 millions. This card is a big progress.

WyclefWarriors 1913 days ago

Sanjay... I'm moving to France so I can get better medical.

kk01139 1915 days ago

Indeed I too agree if at the cost of 3000 euros a year we get coverage of most of things related to our health and diseases that's nothing in comparison to what freeness we feel and get a good reward in lieu of it. I am totally in favour of such plans. I

KMD1237 1915 days ago

Guess what, Frodo08330, unless you are paying in cash, there already IS someone between you and your doctor. It's called an insurance company. Under 'socialized' programs you don't have anyone in between you and Dr. and you know going in what is covere

erohealth 1915 days ago

I'm a US expat living in Northern Switzerland on the French border. There are ALWAYS caveats. True France is probably the best place to live if you get sick BUT the French health care system is bankrupted from covering everything. AND they pay upwards of

kailuabeachbabe 1916 days ago

Now why can't we do that here in the USA? ... Caveat, yes it covers more things, but is it rationed?

frodo08830 1916 days ago

think I would need to know more before signing up. "most things" could be deceiving. Who decides if or when you receive care. If it is anyone but me and my doctor making those decisions, then I am not interested.

JazzAndChocolat 1916 days ago

3000 euros = 4300 usd/12 months = 358/month...about what I'm paying for catastrophic care and non-coverage for pre-existing conditions. Where do I sign up?