Stephen Fry


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1977 days ago


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iEeftoch 1867 days ago

=D fun! Why so sad? You look younger in this pic!

bbbbbbobs 1960 days ago

You look like you've just encountered voldemort. . . . . . . er Harry are you there?

SafaAlabedy 1965 days ago

this reminds me of myself in family portraits

steviejane_ 1968 days ago

r.i.p gorgouse xxxx

lurcherlouts 1975 days ago

blimey-these ect machines have advanced-just joshing!! I can see a little smile coming round the corner on a bicycle despite your attempts to look somber x

smackfairy 1976 days ago

:-------) Just :--------)

gee211273 1976 days ago

You look like one of the Knights of Ni; ecky, ecky, ecky, ecky, pikang etc

AxmxZ 1976 days ago

Didn't know Valkyries R Us had a Junior's section...

zany_zigzag 1976 days ago

You don't look very happy Stephen...were you disappointed with your warrior look?? :-)

drummerboy1970 1976 days ago

You're a horny little devil Mr Fry!!

howalsh 1976 days ago

Stephen Fry - or an older rodney Trotter? Cushdie!

CURZONPRODUCT 1976 days ago

Sein Ritter ich bin Lohengrin gennant

mmhbyrne 1976 days ago

Wow you are looking sooo thin! Also watching you on Dave at the mo.

katjaboumans 1976 days ago

IsnĀ“t it amazing what they can do with Photoshop....

tazvoll 1976 days ago

More chance of getting Channel 5..:-)

BigFatButterfly 1976 days ago

With the feathers on your head you look like my white bunny Pudding! especially with that look on your face :p quite sexy, sir

_Psychologist_ 1976 days ago

I loved his grave at the back of the house, a large unmarked black marble grave stone, I think Cosima's in there too. Wagner must have known that he would not need one word on his grave. LOL ;):)

Lederbaer 1976 days ago

LOL! Definitely more like Asterix than Obelix..U don't look like U could throw a Hinkelstein/Menhir w/o some Magic Potion...

Lederbaer 1976 days ago

Awesome! Better Asterix than Obelix..! (No hinkelstein/menhir...LOL)

PetraSky 1976 days ago

Looks like you are posing for an artist who is about to invent a cartoon character from outer space. I'd watch it.