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Anne-Marie Compagna
Joëlle Morin
Ginette Reno
Joëlle Plourde
Maelic Lemenin
Céline Bonnier
Laurence Leboeuf
Paule Baillargeon

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 A Secret Movie Stills. 177 likes · 3 talking about this. Actors: Angela Jones · Tim Redwine · Pamela Bellwood · Lisa Amsterdam: Claudia · Edward Bunker · Kathy Garver  My Family's Secret (2010) - IMDb  Director: Curtis Crawford.  Amazon.com: Family Secret: Forris Day Jr., LeeAnn Aubuchon, Brent.   My Family's Secret - Official Movie Site - myLifetime.com  When Jason Darcie (Dylan Neal) attempts suicide, he leaves a cryptic note for his wife, Lara Darcie (Nicholle Tom). In it, he suggests that the death of his little. The French language title for the film is Le Secret de ma mère (The Secret of my mother).   "Family Secret" Movie - Slasher Horror - A Geno McGahee Film.   BONUS FEATURES: Director's commentary, Sonora "The Secret" music video (5 mins.), Blooper reel (3 mins.), Auditions (13 mins.), Photo gallery (4 mins.), Death by. 1 - 2 of 2.   A Family Secret - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  A Family Secret is a 2006 Canadian comedy -drama film.   Millstone is the all-too-appropriate name of the Texas hometown of sophisticated career woman Martha (Loni Anderson).   The-Family-Secret - Trailer - Cast - Showtimes - NYTimes.com  An overview of The Family Secret, including cast and credit details, a review summary, and more. Actors: Nicholle Tom: Lara Darcie · Dylan Neal: Jason Darcie · Cinthia Burke: Candy Wickson · Peter MacNeill: Paul Darcie · Janet-Laine.  My Family’s Secret (2010) - Movie trailer, synopsis, poster and more  When JASON DARCIE (Dylan Neal), attempts suicide, he leaves a cryptic note for his wife LARA DARCIE (Nicholle Tom), suggesting that the death of his little sister