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CRITICAL ALERT - Saving Detroit from State takeover. Tuesday we heard the Consent Agreement was never approved to be signed. But the Mayor made sure it was signed. The Milestone Agreement was in front of City Council - they voted it down 8-1. Miller Canfield sitting in as lead extortionist to the city handling legal matters will put the city firmly in the control of the State.

City Council voted to do the right thing on the majority of over 100 items on the agenda Tuesday in a meeting that had 3 hours of public comment then ran 5 hours additional for business. They also had an evening session that started an hour afterward.

The Mayor is upset (its that hand up the puppet thing where his eyes bulge). He has called for a meeting with City Council to get the Milestone Agreement working. Miller Canfield - wrote the law, litigates the law, and now is being positioned to oversee the law.

EXTORTION has to be declared
The white saviour sent to Detroit - Kyrss Andrews needs to be removed. Our vote to repeal PA4 and its instruments (the Consent Agreement) needs to be executed. PA72 is dead law walking - slay the zombie. The opinion of the Attorney General has to be removed. The Governor needs to understand SELF-RULE through the Home Rule Act means Detroit elects its officials and we can REMOVE THEM ALSO!

There is an active RECALL MAYOR BING push. All Detroit resident voters need to sign this and move him out of office NOW. We can't wait to find a replacement, Charles Pugh will become interim Mayor. Gary Brown and other members of City Council need to be recalled also and there are campaigns to do that in place now as well. Campaigning for Mayor will ensue quickly, candidates are coming forward for City Council also.