(2) Be yourself. Scenes from everyday fashion - This winter, designers offer dressing "Slowear" stylish, comfortable and reassuring. This is not a fad of the season. Chez Christophe Lemaire, Véronique Leroy, Chloé, Lacoste, Stella McCartney, Vanessa Bruno ... COS. Or comforting clothing colors easy and flattering fall ... Without sacrificing style, the designers deliver a winter wardrobe designed for women, true.

Be yourself - Feel comfortable, this is the primary purpose of this ready-to-wear friendly. Véronique Leroy, one of its best ambassadors, the works like a tightrope between androgynous volumes and density materials with remarkable sensuality. "When I get dressed in the morning, I do not spend a lot of time" trying "to get dressed. I have neither the energy nor the time for it! So I know that a successful garment is a garment that I'm glad to wear and with whom I never feel moved, "said the Belgian, the pinnacle of chic French spirit.

Clothing reassuring - Véronique Leroy, meanwhile, said to create "clients who have a taste, an idea and a clear view of themselves." They also desire to break (a little) with the bidding system, collections and other précollections. "It is better to buy but. The locker room must be on time with pleasant elements season after season to find, "says Carole Bénazet. This "Slowear" legacy of the 1990s resulted in a period of crisis and questions by this return to clothing reassuring that the special quality to make women armed to ordinary life. "A way to listen to some real comfort and needs of customers, is it not true that the modern world? "Carole Bénazet concludes. In any case, a real breath in the whirlwind Baroque also occurs this season.