The amazing and beautiful project "100 Beards, 100 Days" by @GarconJon now also available in  book. If you do not know, I recommend.  The "100 Beards 100" the book   was launching in November. Limited to 250 signed hardback copies, the book is available to preorder online at

Jonathan D Pryce @GarconJon the creator of the project wrote the following in his blog: "The 100 Beards, 100 Days project, I thought it only right to produce it in printed form. I'm pleased, nervous and excited to announce that after approximately 1237 hours of hard work, the 100 Beards book will be available from November!

The book itself, with only 250 hand signed 1st editions printed, contains over 120 photographs of bearded men. Of course the subjects who made up day 1 to 100 are inside, along with outtakes (it was very hard to pick just one photo daily) and other men who didn't quite make it on the blog.

By buying this book, not only are you getting a beautiful hardback limited edition publication, but you're also helping a new artist to continue his work. Doing the 100 Beard project has been as challenging as it has been rewarding, and I hope that this documentation of London beards in the Summer of 2012 will inspire others to attempt facial hair growth. You can preorder the book online here at www.LesGarç