Jasmine Murray


American Idol Season 8: Top 13 Finalist. Singer/Songwriter.

Me and Adam Lambert!

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2620 days ago

Me and Adam Lambert!


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4evaurgirl 2591 days ago

Awwwe, When season 8 auditons had just ended I picked Adam, Danny & you as my fav 3!!! your all amazing :) xo ps u look so pretty & adam is hot xP lol

kaylacreech 2608 days ago

adam is sexy and jasmine is really cute

kaylacreech 2608 days ago

adam is sexier than ever and jasmine is really cute

sharonmansha 2615 days ago

I got to meet Adam Lambert hekjslrheks that was a hella of a dayyy

annabbgood 2617 days ago

I saw you at the show, Jasmine! I got a pic with you! Wish I also got a pic with that man you're standing by... pooh. someday..

melxinxdaxhood 2618 days ago

I swear Adam has a gift no way he can look that sexay in all his pics

lilianaloveadam 2618 days ago

Adam looks sexy, & you look gorgeous! :)

carolinerose18 2619 days ago

Jasmine I saw you last night. I walked by you I was literally 2 inches away from you. I wasn't sure if it was you or not so I decided not to say anything bc it would be awkward if it wasn't you, but then today I saw on Twitter you were there. I feel so st

CosplayWarrior 2619 days ago

Thats cute

CosplayWarrior 2619 days ago

Cute Mannnn Adam is wearing so much make this year lol

Stephhhx3 2619 days ago

He looks so hott in this picture

gemmalovesadam 2619 days ago

God Adam is so sexy, how was it watching ur friends last nite?

candiedcupcakes 2619 days ago

Omg, Adam looks amazing! :) I love his electric blue eyeshadow :D

StaceyAG 2619 days ago

Matt & Micheal and Danny are very nice! I met them. I so miss Adam,:( you also look very pretty in your pic with him! very nice!

StaceyAG 2619 days ago

Were u in Dalls last night? I went to the San diego show, it was amazing, wish you were in it! Adam is just intoxicating! love him!
San Diego
glambert 841
Say Hello to Adam for me please, I miss him:(

StaceyAG 2619 days ago

Hi Jazmine, nice to see you! loved you on Idol. I am a huge Adam Lambert Fan, love your pic! I saw adam twice but didn't get his pic, I do have one with Matt,myself and Daughter. Stacey

avonebers821 2620 days ago

u do not understand how jealous i am right now. :)

no_reason7 2620 days ago

Wow you both look so amazing!

CattttMD 2620 days ago

Beautiful glowyness overload! You're both so gorgeous! Very nice pic.

chatbrat11 2620 days ago

u were there last nite! that's great! how was it being in the audience watching all your friends onstage?