Why is it Necessary for Kenyans to Register as Voters?
To exercise their constitutional right and duty: the Constitution grants every citizen the right to elect his/her leaders of choice
Voting provides an opportunity to choose a leader of your choice. Kenyans decide who will be their President, MP or councilor
Voting provides an opportunity to vie in elections. By law, only registered voters are allowed to vie for elections.
To safeguard their rights and freedoms as provided for in the constitution
To give legitimacy to leaders. By electing their leaders, voters give their consent to be led by whoever they have chosen and to reject those who fail to sufficiently represent their interests
Voting provides the opportunity to change leaders ideally on the basis of performance. Voters get the chance to elect new leaders where incumbents are underperforming or to renew the mandate of those they consider to be good performers
Voting sets a good example to others. By participating in elections, you set an example for political involvement and responsibility for the younger generation
Voting provides opportunities for social interactions.