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Chaos Mage set done.

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1473 days ago

Chaos Mage set done.


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Art_DS_Raja 1471 days ago

perspective on the robes i think... remember, on the sleeves, the cloth does'nt randomly have a dark shade, but i think it looks really cool! I would like it to have more chaos, with the eyes

Art_DS_Raja 1471 days ago

lolt betterm dun like the helms that much, BUT the armor on the chest is cool, i think u lose perspective with the belt thingy, but i like the cool rune on the hand and the sleeves are a really good attempt, the shading is good but u lose

Vokun_AE 1473 days ago

I did? Can't remember you telling me this.

VentusAe 1473 days ago

Thanks boosty.u made the armor as i told,nice job u lessen the black part,i like it xD

KeraFury 1473 days ago

i gotta agree wit dat guy v while i love the colors n the general armor, skulls arnt chaos, they are ebilz

ElSverro 1473 days ago

It is very nice! But i dont like get the chaos feeling of this one. It needs like the Tentacles and eyes. Good Job Btw! :)

Dawis67_AE 1473 days ago

Very nice indeed, but i would like if the picture were bigger.