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They Just Love This Guy....

Obama's Favorable Rating Up to 58%

Now that the presidential election is over, Americans look more positively toward President Barack Obama, a new Gallup survey finds. The president is viewed favorably by 58 percent -- his best rating in over three years, since a 66% reading in July 2009.

Let me start for the TEA Partiers, since they are probably still exhausted and can't find their tail end, even though everyone clearly knows it was handed to them week ago.

It goes like this:

Yeah but the country is still divided, and no one really like his ideas, and he hasn't done anything, and he isn't gonna do anything, and he lacks leadership abilites, and Clinton told Romney he shoulda lost but Sandy messed things up, and all the lazy fat poor minority women socialist homosexual nazi Muslim moochers getting free food were made rich with his gifts of stuff stolen from the hard working rich people who are leaving in droves creating a redistricting problem that doesn't truly reflect the genuine wishes of Americans in La Jolla.