Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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Evelyn_Sofia_97 1209 days ago

belleza de hombre

ReinhaELF 1254 days ago

♥.♥ OMG!

Lady_Churnie 1257 days ago

Wow nice pants~~ so sexy and tempting #sluurrrppp!

YyGaby 1258 days ago

оhh... u look so sexy (mm)

MaJoToKiTa4EvEr 1258 days ago

OPPA SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥.♥

Cutie_Pie_80 1261 days ago

Oppa don't forget to tweet photo while you're at Singapore!

Cutie_Pie_80 1261 days ago

Red pants!auwww!! Sorry oppa~~I haven't comment this photo~~hik hik hik

Cutiebaby90 1261 days ago

am dead o_O SEXY POSING...
U made my days happier and crazy over you

KimEli3424 1262 days ago


Forever15Suju 1263 days ago

what a sexy pose *____*

YesungRose 1263 days ago

The CooLeSt ThinG (!)

HaNguyen92 1263 days ago

u and your mother in the second day in Japan^^!...I watched you in concert with "It has to be u" and "first love" yesterday^^!.Yes, It's really sad...take a rest after this concert,Yesung^^!

suchi_shfly03 1263 days ago

i like your pose oppa XD :*

yeshorng 1263 days ago

omo . your pose *O* hahaha XD

_yesung_kim_ 1263 days ago

WOW !!! you very cool
I LIKE you ...

jongwoongurl 1263 days ago

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cool !!!>,<?

PikachuStar 1264 days ago

너무 귀여워 ^_____^

DS_RiseSilver 1264 days ago


_kuan_ 1264 days ago


LovableSuri 1264 days ago

Cool ^-^