Shawne Merriman


3-Time Pro Bowl Outside Linebacker, Buffalo Bills.

I was too tired after eating so my dog drove me home!!!no really my dog

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2768 days ago

I was too tired after eating so my dog drove me home!!!no really my dog


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GayleCartwright 2622 days ago

Your dog looks very sweet and healthy.

mrs_cotten 2707 days ago

this is adorable. your dog is gorgeous. God bless!

Love_Sha_Shay 2740 days ago

aww how cute

Devnitch 2756 days ago

lol, i think ur dog needs to go into nascar

mptimony 2759 days ago

Glad your back Shawne ! Will be out in So.Cal in Oct from Tampa to visit my hometown in Santa Barbara. Be safe and hope to make it down there to see you guys.

MezTootsiePop 2759 days ago

What breed of dog is that?

heyatzi 2764 days ago

Looking good in ur cute hat!!! Nice dog....

MyspaceDutchess 2764 days ago

You should just lemme have u and stop playin.

GoHardHarris 2767 days ago


hoopstwit 2767 days ago

just keep him away from Michael Vick

kenyadoit 2768 days ago

That is one awesome dog. I'm guessing with your salary you probably got the driving one.

kissablysoft 2768 days ago

He's beautiful.

dustinlegrand 2768 days ago

Nice!!! My boy Deuce likes to drive too. This is my new girl Eva

drgordis 2768 days ago


ibthegr8 2768 days ago

I could hire that dog as my chaffeur.

gtfig 2768 days ago

I hope that dog has his license.

bbwall531 2768 days ago

Gorgeous car but even more gorgeous dog!

DamienPakaLCD 2768 days ago

u know a nigga PAID when he lets his pit all inside the Bentley... steering wheel n all lol

AnyahChrystina 2768 days ago

Love it!

cln0103 2768 days ago cute!! Gorgeous car, but I mostly love that your garage has crap in it just like mine ;-))