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This kid is 7 years old and I've seen him everywhere today. He's SO pumped.

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2529 days ago

This kid is 7 years old and I've seen him everywhere today. He's SO pumped.


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Ambersaurus_ 2513 days ago

haha, he like jst agreed to take this pic? did you jst come out & say "hey, you're like the youngest kid eveer 2 b @ warped, let me take a picture of you so ppl everywhere can think your awesome?!?"

danniedoes 2528 days ago

he rocked it during the gallows!

brittgillette 2528 days ago


AL_N 2528 days ago

Here is my equally cute 7 yr old crowd surfing during Aiden

chiodoskid12 2529 days ago

I saw that kid everywhere 2 lol

ChristineeeEP 2529 days ago

that's awesome!
so cool :).

joyebeth 2529 days ago

This kid has great taste! Love the shirt!

iamnormah 2529 days ago

This kid must have awesome parents!

shelbigean 2529 days ago

he's lucky to get to go so young. wish i could have.

ParisVisone 2529 days ago

he is trying to bring back what warped tour should be.

therealpelopuma 2529 days ago

i got that t-shirt, but i'm 10 years older! LOL i wish the sons i will have someday will be this way!

routinemalaise 2529 days ago

I missed out... Warped started the year I was born, now is my first, eff LOL

VeeXVampire 2529 days ago

Whoo! Glad to know im not the only person thats young and goes to Warped. xD

j_ts 2529 days ago

Ahww this made me smile :) too cute.

heatherrhaha 2529 days ago

awwww(: that kid is amazinggg

mgarayy 2529 days ago

he is SO cute!!!

maryam97 2529 days ago

aww, he's so cute!

dacos92 2529 days ago

this kid is BA. Fan of Bad Religion, and he's got the look of a drummer :P

loochh 2529 days ago

awww i want him :D

Ausfallen_ 2529 days ago

Omg. Wtf. This Is Amazing. Haha