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Huge crowd for Jeffree Star's last set.

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2498 days ago

Huge crowd for Jeffree Star's last set.


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latishalatouche 2496 days ago

he was at the toronto date,
and his crowd was hhhuuuuggggeeee!
i dont know why,
he's ohkay..
but i agree with saporta91,
warped tour is about fun.
and he definetly brought that .. =\

MnccLove 2496 days ago

is he topless :|?

johnnyxb 2497 days ago

, did you seriously say hes a 'good person' ? i think you need a shrink. hes a waste of life, someone with no talent. hes popular because disturbing is in now a days. so dude, go get a shrink

ashlietweets 2497 days ago

he IS very stereotypical gay. @ my warped i actually heard him say "come on..youre all my sluts!" but, nothing anyone can do about him.. people love him, so learn to live with it.

loochh 2497 days ago

LOL just got told.

BenPrzeslak 2497 days ago

...being gay in any way. He just goes to far and gives them a bad name.

BenPrzeslak 2497 days ago

first off , you said "is pretty a great person" instead of "is a pretty great person". Second, he's not a great person, I think he's a douche. I also think he tries to act gayer than he actually is with stereotypical things. I'm not against bein

britney12695 2497 days ago

the crowd in mansfield for jeffree was bigger! (:

WinterGhostRose 2497 days ago

i wish he was performing on my date :(

viva_its_ericca 2497 days ago

Aww, so he's not gonna perform on my tour date ;[[

aymeexrawr 2497 days ago

first off sebee its "worse" not "worst" and Second, Jeffree star is pretty a great person. And who cares if its not punk anymore? People still go there and have fun. Leave him alone. And to isabellahk i actually love the millionaires. because even though

ThisCharmingJD 2497 days ago

A lot of great bands ARE playing this year, BadReligion, Ataris, Fishbone, FloggingMolly, NOFX, DI, and even HTL. You guys just dont know anything that isnt lame

Isabellahk 2497 days ago

Whatever, Jeffree was on warped tour but not for long. Get over it people(:

He/she whatever is fun to see some people like him/her some people hate it, but not every band at warped is liked by everyone like THE MILLIONAIRES, ew. Just be a groupie and m

haikit 2497 days ago

also agreed. that's why i didn't go this year. it seems like warped is getting more mainstream :[ (bring anberlin back and i will go 100% tho, haha)

amandartwork 2497 days ago

totally agreed. there are much more deserved bands that would be great to see on warped.
not, jeffree star and some of the other lame acts that have been added the past few years.
hopefully next year will be like the old warped tours.

routinemalaise 2497 days ago

at least katie perry isn't here this year... Hah

Joeycyrus 2497 days ago

Hes only doing one Month of Warped tour. and thats his last set. so stop crying like babies!

JacksonJbreaker 2498 days ago

I thought Jeffree was playing Cinci too D: oh well, incredible set in Cleveland

kingorca 2498 days ago

Yeah agreed. I don't know what the hell people are thinking these days. All these kids have to be on meth or something...but that's not Bonnaroo!

JillMunn 2498 days ago

Well, that is disappointing, come on kids.