Amateur flash artist.The one and only true ShadowFire God ;] Here's my twitpic http://t.co/R7BCw8eN0N . Enjoy:D

The whole SS upcoming items :D Enjoy!

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1382 days ago

The whole SS upcoming items :D Enjoy!


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PlasticDollAE 1379 days ago

Too much red..and I was extecting some of Zukai's stuff. :c

ZukaiAQW 1381 days ago

Congratulations to all who made it in.

TyroniusAQW 1381 days ago

The concept belongs to

Paul_Apollo 1381 days ago

These are really cool suggestions. btw Whos suggestion was the third in the middle?

TyroniusAQW 1381 days ago

And it's fully cc! ;D btw u're welcome man!

KovuDesign 1381 days ago

Really proud that my sword made it in :) I appreciate it! (mines the third weapon from the left)

RazzleDazzleAQW 1382 days ago

Understandable...oh well :) congatz t allthe other artists that got there suggestions in!

TyroniusAQW 1382 days ago

Sadly AE decided to not put the Glacial set in ;/ It's too similar to another art.

Israil_AQW 1382 days ago

pics right up and down my favorite for eva :D

Regret_TobiAQW 1382 days ago

Tyronis I love the helms! <3

JSketches 1382 days ago

very awesome swag, but... Y NO U PICK MY SWAG?! T^T

Dawis67_AE 1382 days ago

Cool suggestions. :( non of them are mine. BTW congratz

IsaacSmith_AE 1382 days ago

Awesome suggestions:D

TheKidNamedEvan 1382 days ago

WHY ISN'T MY STUFF IN HERE!? Lol, jk. Awesome picks, congrats :P

AvengerAQW 1382 days ago

uve selected some gud suggestions :P

Dan_X_Doa 1382 days ago


Necro_Zayrus 1382 days ago

OMG! A lot of cool new things to the game!! :D ...I wait that one day... My swords will be in the game also ^.^

Tenchitorarts 1382 days ago

Very nice bro!! You will put some my suggestion?

Shaister 1382 days ago

Everything looks awesome! I absolutely love how you did the prism shading on the dagger though!

TyroniusAQW 1382 days ago

btw thx for all these comments!