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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

@johanbruyneel circa 1979. Homey's got a stride. Btw, he doesn't know some1 sent me this..

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2319 days ago

circa 1979. Homey's got a stride. Btw, he doesn't know some1 sent me this..


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ohsolovely_ 1961 days ago

haahhaha ;D

yankee49 2309 days ago

He have not changed

AckerNo2 2310 days ago

awesome.... sneeky!!

TPIScott 2311 days ago

too cute!!

borofergie 2312 days ago

When did have the sex change?

stevefleck 2312 days ago

Are those compression socks?

TheFerndog 2313 days ago

He still has the same look on his face.

mkneff1 2314 days ago

It looks like Johan could have beaten you in the Marathon. We already know he would have had great tactics.

oneanahata 2317 days ago

He's got better form than you, Lance!! (no offense... I'm sure you paid for your heel striking habits) Great pic! Thanks!

Chris_topher_G 2317 days ago

Run Forest, Run!! LOL

F4wkez 2318 days ago

Nice pic, hope JB is okey with it...Hihi

Baillieu 2318 days ago

The shoes are Nike spikes, with seven 12mm spike pins. The other runners are to far behind to be seen on the picture.

superkeitai 2318 days ago

def. a forefoot runner ;)

mikefellona 2318 days ago

What's with the referee jersey?

koala_finger 2318 days ago

haha they start at a young age..

cu87tst 2318 days ago

Ice cream...I am racing for that DQ dipped cone!

Jeenne 2318 days ago

He's flying, must be either in first or last (where's the other runners?)!

dcmuphy1515 2318 days ago

Float like a butterfly and Run like hell!

dcmuphy1515 2318 days ago

Hey big Texan better watch your back! He's gonna snap a pics of you applying Butt Bom! BTW you wouldn't be the first one caught like that. ;-)

ipaqgps 2318 days ago

That just is great. Love the bib number it is almost a big as he is!