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Blake: Dave Ramsey and wife Sharon w/ Brad and Kimberly Paisley. #fb

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2017 days ago

Blake: Dave Ramsey and wife Sharon w/ Brad and Kimberly Paisley. #fb


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unknown5002 2016 days ago

Cool!! I love Brad's music and I love
Dave's financial advice! It's cool to see them together!

garbage9805 2017 days ago

my fav. money man and wife, my fav. country singer, and my fav. actress...better than i deserve

gericarlson 2017 days ago

You guys look like you're livin' like no one else! Great pic!

elizpoole 2017 days ago

What a great pic!!

kingedwardiii 2017 days ago

Aw Man! Ya'll are Rocking the House!

SDgirl94 2017 days ago

A big fan of all these folks!

norma035 2017 days ago

Great shot! Okay, give it up! What you'all doing together when this was taken? Just hangin out, or what?

dolphyn40 2017 days ago

Love it! Love Brad and Dave too! I hope to be able to one day be known well enough for people to want to see pictures of me and my friends. :)

jesseladwell 2017 days ago


gildorluthien 2017 days ago

awesome! lot of respect for Brad and Kim as they seem to have a genuine marriage unlike alot of celeb types.

RuthAnneAdams 2017 days ago

I'll bet you two gentlemen don't mind waitin' on those women.

rvhelm 2017 days ago

Better than I deserve...

mstevenson27 2017 days ago

Cool stuff!!!

radyg 2017 days ago

Great Photo.... I bet Brad and Sharon are debt free..

Dawncwho0423 2017 days ago

I knew I always liked Brad Paisley's because it was great! Now, I have even more reasons to like his music!!

QueensCrusader 2017 days ago

Great photo,This says it all,I deserve to live like no one else.