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The scene outside of Comic-Con, early this morning.

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2592 days ago

The scene outside of Comic-Con, early this morning.


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ashalashee 2440 days ago

I was there too. We had to park forever away and take a trolley.

erinjeannexo 2567 days ago

that's crazy.. i never even atempted to get into Hall H.

WeHatePerezH 2570 days ago

i bet there all lining up to kill you

Kayore 2582 days ago

i was probably in that line.

Devonsayys 2586 days ago

I was in that line!

padres_chica 2587 days ago

umm. this is like 2 miles away from my house! did you go to hillcrest? you should go to the Hash House next time ur in town. its the bomb diggity! :]

jamSUNDAE 2590 days ago

way jealous!! wish i was there; too bad i live in NZ, haha.

perezhasaids 2590 days ago

perez u fag

perezhasaids 2590 days ago

PEREZ'S MOTHER THE PISSMOP KNOW AS "TERESITA LAVENDERIA" HAS ANAL CANCER ! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elainemedola 2590 days ago

Kevin...I want you both play and a look to say .. That hold the greatest love the world for you.

GCandATL_4ever 2590 days ago

SHIT! wish i was there...

PasiLovesFob 2591 days ago

pretty cool :) wish i could be there :(

elainemedola 2591 days ago

kevin Jonas...And if I could prove

The verses that I spent

If I could tell you

That all the dreams dreamed

Pearl_E 2592 days ago

OMG!! Wow

webwiseass 2592 days ago

I remember attending Comic-Con in 1980 at the downtown Civic Center with its medium sized throng. Good ole days.

JenSDroxstar 2592 days ago

its soo crazy that i cant even park in my own house!!! ughh

rosaslim 2592 days ago

I love my San Diego. By far the best city to live in. Just the right amount of mellow without being boring.

LifeOfYara 2592 days ago

Wow! I went several years ago a few times and it seems the crowds just keep getting bigger and bigger!!

AmberNeeves 2592 days ago

I bet just about anything that brendon is strolling around there somewhere.