Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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shfly_jin 1403 days ago

asdfghjkl (♥o♥)

inA_Gadiss 1424 days ago


LanzMyLoves 1431 days ago

hanseom :D

CathArchie 1438 days ago


Najma_Hayani 1439 days ago

so handsome
so cute

a2mn91 1439 days ago

king of selcas.. so sexy!!

suchi_shfly03 1441 days ago

omoooo,,,, GANYENGX oppa Qw !!!

MaJoToKiTa4EvEr 1441 days ago

YESUN OPPA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥.♥

inA_Gadiss 1441 days ago

Your so charming so so so charming!!

Cutiebaby90 1442 days ago

omg this is really cool. no matter what many different things suit you alot :D oppa i just want to share my feelings to you and hope u read here. i just don't know why i feel like am da worst person ever but when i look back there are still some ppl who a

Meluh1808 1442 days ago

Dislike you hair..... :(

nookpoppy 1442 days ago

yesung so cute'

iEMAN_3 1442 days ago

I love this PC so much Oppa ^.~* >>>Fighting My Angel ~♥~

iEMAN_3 1442 days ago

#WoOoOoow ~ u Very Very Very #SEXY ... Ahhh #KimjongWoon how u are So #Beautiful & #HoOoT ...!!! u Oppa Simply killing Me (>♥ω♥<)

devishfly3424 1442 days ago

congrats n success for your new caffe oppa... btw.. u look so handsome in that pic.. :)

Momizz_Kyuhyun 1442 days ago

เทห์ๆๆๆๆดีพ้าบนี้ ... "หนูช๊อบบชอบ"

Cutie_Pie_80 1443 days ago

Title of the photo : You're always give me air to live my life happily ever after!

Cutie_Pie_80 1443 days ago

Out of 3 photos...I like this one the most! 정말 촣아요!! ^^

RaisaTokitaSuJu 1443 days ago

wooow... your eyes..... te amo.. i love You--->♥

KurdishELFishy 1443 days ago

<3 <3 <3