..there are a couple of pics where I was on the mic thanking Meredith & I think I almost had Meredith Hope @Murfius blushing, lol.  I would share every single one of them if time permitted.  But the look on her face is what I wish to accomplish with my life, every day in every relationship and friendship in my life! Some make it easy & other make it difficult....but the spirit of genuine goodwill between individuals, friendship & celebration is a POWERFUL FORCE for POSITIVE CHANGE in the world & is a way of life that should be shared EVERYDAY and not just on birthdays, and I THANK YOU Meredith for simply being you & allowing me to simply be me in our friendship! Makes life so easy, beautiful & "Restfully Productive!" Will you join me on this adventure? http://ow.ly/823FN #ExtraordinaryLiving #NothingIsImpossible #2012TheYearOfBeautifulThings