Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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Never forget your beginner's spirit!

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1867 days ago

Never forget your beginner's spirit!


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LJPerry 1861 days ago

what do you call that steerer? it looks like the fork pivots about an inch in front of the head tube.. does it feel natural?

veerle01 1864 days ago

my boyfriend would love this!!

timodefacto 1865 days ago

Congratulations for 3rd place on Tour! God bless you!

angusmccrea 1866 days ago

Great job in the TT! Can't wait to see you unleashed next year with TRS!

ste960 1866 days ago


Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day
The days divinity
First thing you see.

jason_g 1867 days ago

awesome TT! i hope u move up the podium.

alex4pt 1867 days ago

Mr Armstrong there has been some discussion re: your eyewear during the TT and the day before. Is it true Mr Stiller taught you 'Blue Steel' to keep the wind out of your eyes? ;)

fredlai 1867 days ago

Sweet ride! Podium spot is yours!

WriteOnRideOn 1867 days ago

Your determination + spirit 2 ride 8strong #TdF inspired me to remember my beginner's spirit, my lifelong love 4 cycling & get back on the bike! Allez, allez!

seppe_nys 1867 days ago

Can I have a ride with it ?

veesanteeco 1867 days ago

No mames Lance! Arriba Austin y Arriba Monterrey!

klepetar 1867 days ago

y'know that doggie that a cyclist ran into a couple of tours ago..?
well..i've seen him lurking around waiting to take the leader out.>!

bre99 1867 days ago

We've always to remember where we came from. =D

bre99 1867 days ago

We've always to remember where we came from. =D

allyjaune 1867 days ago

Hi Lance,
Used you as an example of "ordinary people doing extraordinary things" at a workshop for teachers today! Livestrong!!

CIROLCLIMBER 1867 days ago


sekraps_the_1st 1867 days ago

lovin the bike today

mr_m_a_r_k 1867 days ago

Ah! 初心忘るべからず。