Misha Collins


Actor, baker, candlestick maker

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652 days ago

I don't usually rely on pundits for news, but this guy seems reliable.


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Castiels_bee 502 days ago

Такой милашка ^^ Misha, you are so funny father :D

ThaiseJensen 637 days ago

awwwwwwwwn <33333333 Baco Baco *-*

AyahuascaDreams 650 days ago

WTH? His eyes look like a Terminator's when he 1st turns around. Is he a Changling from the Fey?

dReam_giiRl 650 days ago

God he´s so cute!

Artemisgendo 650 days ago

This is so adorable and awesome!

Casangelkim1304 651 days ago

Soo... cute ♥

spikeschilde621 652 days ago

OMG i saw a gifset of this on tumblr today and i didn't realize who it was. he got sooo big!

mishamou_ 652 days ago

He's my president! *-----------------------------------* West,so cuteeee!

Flavia_Santos87 652 days ago

how cute!!

bellasabatini 652 days ago

look anywhere but the camera hahahah too cute! *-*

Alex_25_23_21 652 days ago

Awwwwwww <3 Such an adorable kid :) (Said by the person who usually hate kids)

spn_mypride 652 days ago


thepadapuppy 652 days ago


Giulia_Barbieri 652 days ago

awwwww so cute!

Niraha 652 days ago

So cute!

slashgoddess 652 days ago

baco baco LOL

TARDISRoseHP 652 days ago

Oh my goddd <3

ObivonneKenobi 652 days ago


Skittles0525 652 days ago

This is so cute! :D

MoConnor03 652 days ago

Oh that is just too adorable!