Kang in


입꼬리가 저절로 올라간다잉..ㅋ

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jonginm 965 days ago

kangin ;;;

ELFPumpkins 1392 days ago

Can't wait to see U in the variety show again Oppa ^^

sepsipsep 1392 days ago

i want to watch this movie ^^

beloved_SJ 1393 days ago

Reminiscence? :D

Du7un_WIFE 1393 days ago

Kangin Oppa you're awesome

zagurlzh 1393 days ago

is it hello my school girl? I have to watch it again. XD

lamyai01 1393 days ago


SheilandaK 1393 days ago

you watch ur own Movie,.. kkk,.. I watched this too last week with my sista,.. U're handsome <3

nguyenthusj13 1393 days ago

Siwonestshosho 1393 days ago

wooah oppa Very cool in TV. I Want to watch it*___*

CeciliaTercero 1393 days ago

Is that a movie???... I would like to watch it ^^

yesunglover1 1393 days ago

O____O.. oppaaaa. what are you doing in the TV ?____? get out of there...... palli..!. ^_____^ aha mianhaeyoo... oppa actor and singer is great...

Hongstar88 1393 days ago

i love super junior, you are awesome.

CanadaELFDiana 1393 days ago

I love you Kangin!

shupajunioeo 1393 days ago

O talvez solo querías presumirnos que tienes a Siwon encuerado arriba de la TV.

shupajunioeo 1394 days ago

Hmm.. Todavía tienes una videocasetera? LOL eres un viejo muy moderno.

MadieloveRacoon 1394 days ago

My love!! I also saw your movie, but a long time ago! ^^ I love you !!!!

Micky__Park 1394 days ago

KangIn Oppa! Argentina wait for you! ♥ thanks for the concert in Chile!!

ladude9 1394 days ago

Kangin you're so cute!