Amateur flash artist.The one and only true ShadowFire God ;] Here's my twitpic http://t.co/R7BCw8eN0N . Enjoy:D

TechArcher ( or sth like that :P ) set :D Enjoy! :]

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1568 days ago

TechArcher ( or sth like that :P ) set :D Enjoy! :]


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VectrosD133 1443 days ago

I think a more full face visor with a surrounding breather mask would just step the awesome up one more level. Then I would honestly have to put money into a game I don't play anymore.

Dan_X_Doa 1560 days ago

I made a bow too :D http://twitpic.com/bcs29i

Schillehh 1562 days ago

http://twitpic.com/axanhx =D fits abit imo, dont you think? XD Lol awesome set, LOVE the combo of metal and green <3

Ginomariee 1565 days ago


Kokujoe_AK 1566 days ago

Nice job! The bow looks great!

TyroniusAQW 1566 days ago

I'm glad u like it :D

ZeMageAE 1566 days ago

Awesome! Love that bow!

TyroniusAQW 1567 days ago

I'm glad u think so :) Thx!

JSketches 1567 days ago

Nothing wrong with shading here or 's opinion. It's an awesome concept

Dan_X_Doa 1567 days ago

O.O amg awesome. They don't look flat at all.Guess they need better eyesight :3

Vokun_AE 1567 days ago

Shading could be improved, since you used gradients instead. Some parts look flat this way. (leg, forearm). I like the concept.

Tenchitorarts 1568 days ago

Awesome,I really like this set :D

TyroniusAQW 1568 days ago

I'm glad u like it :) thx!

Quintenii_AE 1568 days ago

I like dis very much, sir! :p

KovuDesign 1568 days ago

I really like the bow too, you should make a series of bows :p if you have time.

TyroniusAQW 1568 days ago

Yea u right there :D That's why I decided to make one :) btw u're welcome xD

KovuDesign 1568 days ago

Thanks for making an archer set ^-^ aqw needs more.

TyroniusAQW 1568 days ago

wow I rlly like ur comment :D btw yea I'll fix it :P

Killer_Intruder 1568 days ago

AAAWEEEESOOOOMEEEE! AMAZING DUUUUDE. COOOOL. anyways the right breast thing for female looks wierd. Anyhow OSSSUUUUUUMMMMMMM

TyroniusAQW 1568 days ago

I'm glad u like it buddy! Every single green part of this set is cc 2 accessory :)