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입꼬리가 저절로 올라간다잉..ㅋ

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1275 days ago


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MrsSimple15 1268 days ago

Thank you for coming to Chile, we're waiting for you in Argentina!!! ♥

ivanniaschiffer 1273 days ago

thank you very much for coming to chile hopefully remember our love for you to come soon E.LFCHILE

MadieloveRacoon 1274 days ago

In Chile we love you so much!!! ♥♥♥

Y4mis3th 1274 days ago

Yeah!!!! Chilean ELF love you!! I hope that some day SJ travel around the world!!! Or all America!

CeciliaTercero 1274 days ago

Chilean ELF gave SJ so much love... that's great!!! <3 even dogs were there!!!!! ^_____^

twentynights 1274 days ago

Waww!!! chile ELF!!!

CathArchie 1275 days ago

nice pic n__n

Yesung_LoveU 1275 days ago


CanadaELFDiana 1275 days ago

So many fans!

21Shinhye 1275 days ago

Good luck at there ^^

beloved_SJ 1275 days ago

both human and animal loves suju hihihihi

Risa3424 1275 days ago

Chile ELF... good job!! ^^

RaisaTokitaSuJu 1275 days ago

woow.... in Chile...!!! como envidio a las Chilenas por haberlos visto...

elinmyeolchi 1275 days ago

good pict...huhu..nice kangin-shii

imxxjung 1275 days ago


Siwonestshosho 1275 days ago

Great, it's good that you enjoyed there*___*

leenahanwoo 1275 days ago

A very good capture, oppa ... like a pro, kekeke ...

tangege 1275 days ago


Lady_Churnie 1275 days ago

wow~~~ were you taking Helicopter oppa?? how can you capture the picture??? the sand was so good, Chile ELF must be very happy!!!

sepsipsep 1275 days ago

take this pic with your handphone ?? kyaa~ ELF daebakk!! ^^b SJ ♥ ELF