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1863 days ago


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Jagermisses 1846 days ago

If that was five foot i'd be sacred shitless big time. Scary looking

skidbubble 1860 days ago

Awesome to get a Manny bobble-head on the night he hits a pinch-hit grand salami! Right into Manny-Wood!

edthetwit 1860 days ago

I love this pic!

_kirkir_ 1860 days ago

aww its a mini Manny lol

farukahsalt 1862 days ago

Great picture Alyssa, am printing this.. ur the best

DJLOPZ 1862 days ago

they had to make it official with the pine tar on the helmet...

miaborja 1862 days ago

Ooooo, Manny.

MzBrendaL 1862 days ago

nice bobblehead!

Miikell 1862 days ago

When are they going to make an Alyssa bobblehead!

Gary_E_Davis 1862 days ago

Thats a great bobblehead :)

Petra_Hall90 1862 days ago

Cool!! Can you follow me on Twitter, Alyssa? I love your work! Charmed is my favorite show ever!!

Olga_Stefou 1862 days ago

Cool !!!

Dirk_Gerlach 1863 days ago

first time i see an booble head. It´s great. Now i must look in e-bay for booblehead´s

somegirl4jc 1863 days ago

hahaha what a pose for a bobblehead!

erod550 1863 days ago

please show me where it was proven that Manny took steroids. Go Dodgers amd go Manny! Pinch hit grand slam to win it!

dmn41 1863 days ago


horno 1863 days ago

oh, steroid?! its no good!!! steroid and big pizza user lol

billy_ray 1863 days ago

He is a steroid using cheater and yet you Dodger fans seem to forget all about that.

horno 1863 days ago

what happened to his head?

LeeLeeIsME 1863 days ago

Ahhh I was sappose to go today. Going to fridays game instead. Did you throw out the pitch or something? Awesome if so