Hahahaaaa don't let this clown get into office!

He'll repeal Obama Care risking the lives and health of 1000s of Americans with pre-existing conditions, Take away women's rights to decide their own medical future (letting their Boss decide instead - go figure?), wants the rich to be taxed less and the middleclass to be taxed more, has already invested in Chinese companies overseas at the expense of U.S. jobs and hasn't once stated how his mythical 5-point plan is going to work! Oh yeah he was ready to let Detroit go bankrupt too! SMDH! He's ready to use the same trickle down economics from the Bush Administration that got U.S. into this mess in the first place! - Don't Let it Happen again!

It's time to Keep Moving FORWARD! America!

#VOTE@BarackObama2012! #4MoreYears! #FORWARD!