Hey hey hey what's good.... It's about that time of the year BAYBUH!!!! Lol my Birthday is around the corner and you know I always do 2 parties !!! One for all my people who aren't 21+ and another for those who are 21+ !!! Basically I'm hitting you up to see if you wanted to 1. COME 2. BE APART OF IT IN ANY KIND OF WAY 3. TURN UP w/ ME !!! If you know anyone else with Birthday's in Nov. and they might want to do something have them hit me and I can put them on 1 of the 2 .... 

(Novemeber "23" I turn "24" & Novemeber "25" we turn up !!! ) < Notice what I noticed >

NOVEMBER 23rd (My actual bday) at Empire Night Club 1716 N. CAHUENGA BLVD HOLLYWOOD CA "Black Friday Black Masquerade Birthday Bash" w/ Dj Carisma Power106 18+

NOVEMBER 25th (Official 21+ Red Carpet Birthday Bash) at Playhouse Nightclub 6506 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, California 90028 w/ LOADS of CELERITY guest YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS !!!