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Anddd it's done! : The Sorrow Set! :) Enjoy.

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1277 days ago

Anddd it's done! : The Sorrow Set! :) Enjoy.


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HoHoHoHellNo 1239 days ago

This is flipping amazing!!!!! OMG you have skill!

TRizZzCENTRINO 1240 days ago

i agree with veneeria, it definitely looks like a human cactus or is it a cactus human ? :P

AQWNaTra 1261 days ago

I feel like the wings could be better, i don't think that dash of warm red is a good idea. I like the runes and the chain, it was a nice touch.Great concept overall.

Brisingr_Blaze 1262 days ago

How did I not see this! This is incredible. The wings and the floating gem stones are my fav parts!

Cowctus 1273 days ago

welp, if he cant count on magic, he can just bitch-slap people across Lore with those 2 wings

Art_DS_Raja 1273 days ago

this is the most awesome aranx armor ever, might even buy this!

mephilies 1273 days ago

Looks Cactus wtf o.0 explain......

HEB_AE 1275 days ago

.-. Brilhado Mage much?

JoeTheEviL 1276 days ago

Love the wings

Veneeria_AQW 1276 days ago

looks cactus..

Artist_4_Hire 1276 days ago

Give wings the same color as the robes, would be great. try making the white stuff same color as gems.

mephilies 1276 days ago

So your gonna copy Dage's style and add a none shadow side'd shoulder.....
Not cool bro.

But I do like the armor you made, best one ever imo so keep it up.
Also it looks like your taking my advise and creating your own version of heaven, cause look anoth

Schillehh 1276 days ago

ofc =D Though, could i suggest you make the cristals purple on the black side aswell? since they have a glow they give light, right? :)

1023404 1276 days ago

Cyan crystals. <3

lxinon 1277 days ago

I do not like it at all. The wings just ruin the armor.

Top_AE 1277 days ago

Anddd it's EPIC!!! Awesome work, i think its my favourite from you! Maybe the wings are a little oversized but still....AWESOME!

Paul_Apollo 1277 days ago

Dude, this is amazing! DO WANT!

TheUnknownNorth 1277 days ago

what about a Horned Armet as a Helmet? you're already halfway done with it.

GoldenWarriorAE 1277 days ago

i feel like the face plate is proportionally incorrect , its too small maybe make it fit the hood?

Lost_Affinity 1277 days ago

Are the wings CC? Cuz dat would be awesome!!!! Btw love the helm >o< so cul