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1002 days ago


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sotokanda_goro 999 days ago

he was first Dragonbornってトレーラー言ってたから画像のが初代ドラゴンボーン?伝説のノルドって感じなのかな

kindred374 999 days ago

So what time do we get to know this big surprise, I can't wait any longer! AHHHHHHH

Stagginator 999 days ago

Look at the eyes, its the same kind of eyes as the dragonpriest masks, maybe its something with them

theGoodArcher 1001 days ago

Looks like a Falmer King

Jake_C_Wharton 1001 days ago

looks like a dragon priest mask

josephj 1001 days ago

Is this more useless DLC for Skyrim, or have the big guns upstairs decided to finally cash in, fix the interface and milk it for an MMORPG? Oh, I am so full of suspense! (not srs)

Mardoxx 1002 days ago

It's concept art from their yet-to-be-officially-announced Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn.

MaryKateClark 1002 days ago

Who/what could it be???